Creative Colonial Crafts

Last week the Merlins and Kestrels created colonial crafts that include: natural dyes, using water soaked with beets, purple cabbage, tea and coffee, whirligigs which were a popular colonial toy/ craft, corn husk people which are little figurines made from a corn husks, Basket weaving which was used carry to food/valuables, the Merlins and Kestrels also created colonial candles that actually work! As you can see there is a lot going on in the Merlin classroom.

written by : Jaxton Cassady

Outdoor School

Hey there, blog followers! This is Hilary stepping in to kick things off on our new classroom blog. Here are some photos that Fern gave me from our trip to outdoor school this fall, I know you had to wait a long time for them, and I appreciate your (seemingly endless) patience. Enjoy!

The creatures that the Merlins made after the adaptation session (squid dissection) are at the end of the gallery, ask your student which one was theirs and if they remember what the adaptations were!